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Cemetery Information

The Monroe Street Cemetery Foundation

Mission Statement

The Monroe Street Cemetery Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all volunteer organization was established to preserve and enhance the historic cemetery grounds, headstones, monuments and burial structures located at 3207 Monroe Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio, as well as providing educational opportunities for the general public and other public awareness activities.

The City of Cleveland must maintain Monroe Street Cemetery (one of twelve cemeteries operated by the City of Cleveland), but is financially unable to maintain and preserve it adequately. In order to assist the City of Cleveland with its burden with respect to rebuilding the gatehouse and maintaining the public grounds, concerned citizens formed the Foundation. The Foundation will work to preserve the historic significance of the Cemetery, share in some responsibilities for the maintenance of the grounds, and assist the City of Cleveland in obtaining funding for the restoration of the gatehouse and improvements to other structures and features of the Cemetery.

Specifically, the Foundation will dedicate its resources to the following:

  1. The Foundation will assist the City of Cleveland in raising funds for restoring the historic gatehouse and entrance arch.
  2. The Foundation will assist the City of Cleveland in landscaping the grounds of the Cemetery.
  3. The Foundation will preserve and enhance the Cemetery by operating programs for restoration of damaged headstones and mausoleums. The Foundation will work to improve the conditions of the burial plots so that family members and the general public may safely visit the historically significant burial sites at the Cemetery.
  4. The Foundation will also preserve the rich history of the pioneers of the City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, State of Ohio and its nation through research and education of the public.
  5. The Foundation will provide limited research and photograph services to persons with loved ones buried in the cemetery and/or persons doing genealogical research about persons buried in the cemetery.
  6. The Foundation will take part in community activities that will promote the historic and cultural values of the Ohio City Historic Districts.

The Monroe Street Cemetery Foundation is an Ohio Corporation with Federal Employer Identification Number 26-1792248