Cemetery Information

Proposed Memorial to John Michael Kick

At Monroe Street Cemetery, 3207 Monroe Avenue, Cleveland, OH - Section M, Lot 74

Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association
Cleveland Police Museum
Second District Cleveland Police Dept., Commander Keith Sulzer
Christopher Holstein, Great-great-grandson of John Michael Kick

Project Manager:
Monroe Street Cemetery Foundation
3302 Hancock Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113

Memorial Company:
The Johns-Carabelli Company
4202 Mayfield Road
Cleveland, OH 44121

John Michael Kick was the first Cleveland Police Officer to be killed in the line of duty.  He was shot while following a gang of suspected burglars and died two days later on May 15, 1875.  It is the desire of the Cleveland Police Department and others to erect a memorial to J.M. Kick.  The memorial is to be placed adjacent to his grave in an area that is a public walkway, due to limited space available on the actual grave.

The memorial will be made out of gray granite and will be approximately 4'-10" tall.  A foundation will be build to support the memorial.

The cost of the memorial will be paid for through fundraising activities effected by the police organizations involved.  A dedication of the memorial will be held in late May 2011.

Download the PDF proposal with a map and more information by clicking here.