Cemetery Information

The Monroe Street Players

Join in the fun.  We guarantee you won't be sorry.

Emily Dennis and Lesa Hess

Paula Slimak as Mrs. Steimetz, the undertakers wife.

Tom Buford and Dave Dennis

Julie Kurtock and Fran Palucki

Front Row L to R: Michelle Day, Paula Slimak, Fran Palucki, Julie Kurtock.
Back Row L to R: Dave Dennis, Ben Hoffmann, Russ Cendrowski

Nate Coffman

The Monroe Street Players was conceived when members of the Monroe Street Cemetery Foundation decided to put on a tour of the cemetery and talk about some of the interesting “characters” buried there.  Thus, Meet the Neighbors was created.  Since 2008, the Monroe Street Players have turned the cemetery into a stage for portraying people who are at rest there and telling their stories.  Rather than just telling the audience a story, the Players participate by taking on the role of a “character,” either portraying the deceased or someone who knew the deceased and presenting the story as written by experienced, creative writers.  The Players pride themselves by dressing in period costume to further enhance the individuals they are portraying and to make the experience more enjoyable for the audience.

The Monroe Street Players also participate in more “lively” events by strolling the streets of Ohio City during the annual Ohio City Christmas Walk, meeting and greeting tour goers and adding Christmas cheer.  We are always interested in new people participating and will sincerely welcome you to join us for our next event. We need actors, writers, and people to handle props, scene setups and takedowns, etc. There is no fee to participate (and, sadly, no compensation for your efforts except the fun of doing it!) so give us a call, a snailmail, or an email at the contact information at the bottom of this page.