About The Monroe Street Cemetery Foundation

Mission Statement

The Monroe Street Cemetery Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all volunteer organization was established to preserve and enhance the historic cemetery grounds, headstones, monuments and burial structures located at 3207 Monroe Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio, as well as providing educational opportunities for the general public and other public awareness activities.

Foundation Committee Monthly Meeting at Forest City Brewery

The Foundation was instrumental in getting the City to rebuild the collapsed, historic Gatehouse. We are currently involved in the following and welcome your help!

Foundation Activities in 2022

  1. Accredited arboretrum
  2. Plant over a dozen new trees in 2022
  3. Genealogy and history research, including uncovering burial records prior 1863
  4. Plant flowers to further beautify the Cemetery
  5. Writing new books about Cemetery stories: The Martha Washington Case and Ripped from the Headlines
  6. Event programming to make the Cemetery a neighborhood amenity, such as the Ghost Tour, Tree Wedding and Regrow Monroe Fundraiser
  7. Coordinate repairs and maintenance to the wrought iron fencing, gatehouse, mausoleums, and monument restoration
  8. Decorating veteran graves with flags for Memorial Day and Veterans Day
  9. Coordinate maintenance of existing trees
  10. Educational initiatives and community engagement

Foundation contact information

P.O. BOX 93671, CLEVELAND, OHIO 44101


Cemetery location

3207 Monroe Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113


The Monroe Street Cemetery Foundation is an Ohio Corporation with Federal Employer Identification Number 26-1792248.

Gatehouse Illustration by Jill Collins