Henry Adamy

Henry Adamy

Veteran of the American Revolution

Henry Adamy was born in New York in the spring of 1755. On November 29, 1776, he enlisted as a private in Saratoga, New York with Colonel Peter Gansevoort's 3rd Regiment in the New York Line of the Continental Troops, which was commanded by Captain Cornelius T. Jansen. With the reduction of regiments, Private Adamy was transferred to Colonel Goose Van Schaick's 1st Regiment of the New York Line, where he served for the duration of the war. During his time in the service of the United States, he participated in the sieges of Fort Stanwix and Yorktown and took part in General Sullivan's Expedition of 1779. According to his pension application, Private Henry Adamy was honorably discharged on June 8, 1783 at Middleburgh, New York by General George Washington, Commander-in-Chief.

In the first years following the Revolutionary War, Henry Adamy resided in Manheim, Herkimer County, New York near present-day Kyser Lake, where he married and started a family. In appreciation of his service to his country, he was granted a Bounty Land Warrant (warrant number 6737) on July 30, 1791. The warrant he received was for 100 acres.

On June 28, 1815, Henry Adamy sold his land in Herkimer County, and by 1818, had relocated to Buffalo, New York, where he was employed as a laborer. Residing with him were his wife, Mary, their sons Jacob, Barney, and Benjamin, and daughters Mary and Nancy. Being poor health and no longer able to work, Henry Adamy applied for and was granted a pension of $8 per month on April 24, 1818.

In 1833, he moved from Buffalo to Cleveland with his daughter Mary, her husband Archibald Powell, and their daughter Helen. The trip across Lake Erie, which was made aboard a steamboat called the Uncle Sam, took four days to make. Upon arriving in Cleveland, the family settled on the farm formerly owned by Lorenzo Carter, at the corner of Washington and Detroit streets on the west bank of the flats, across from the Cuyahoga Steam Furnace. In the old farmhouse, the family established an inn and operated a tavern.

Henry Adamy died in Brooklyn Village, soon after called Ohio City, on March 27, 1835 at the age of 79 years. He was originally interred in the old Ohio City Burying Ground at the corner of Lorain and Abbey streets. His remains were among those that were moved from that burial ground to Monroe Street Cemetery in 1837. Private Henry Adamy was re-interred in Section D, Lot 34, Grave 5.

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