John Schietinger

John Schietinger 1842 - 1873

Military Headstone set for Civil War Veteran John Schietinger

On July 29 Sheldon and Carolyn Cotton from South Dakota were at Monroe to witness the setting of a military headstone for John Schietinger who was a relative of Sheldon’s. Bill Stark had worked with Sheldon to obtain the stone and the City of Cleveland set the stone in place. (For a fee of course!) There was no stone for John who died in an industrial accident in 1873 at the age of 27. (His date of birth on the stone is 1842 which is the date shown in John’s military records. His age of 27 was taken from a Plain Dealer account of the accident and the cemetery interment records.)

Setting Schietinger headstone

After serving in the Civil War in the Union army from 1861 to 1865 John was a foreman in a spring manufacturing business in Cleveland and while he and other employees were attempting to lift a millstone a chain broke and the stone fell on John killing him instantly. He left a wife and one child.

Schietinger headstone

Sheldon had contacted Alan Fodor several months ago inquiring if there was a headstone. Alan had found none which he informed Sheldon of and then put him in contact with Bill Stark. Bill is the guy who has been primarily responsible for getting replacement headstones for veterans not only in Monroe but also other Cleveland owned cemeteries. Before Sheldon left he purchased two copies of our book about Monroe, one of which he gave to Bill Stark.

Sheldon and Carolyn Cotton