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The Martha Washington Case

An Ohio City Hero versus Scoundrels and Rogues (A True Story)

In the 19th century piracy on the inland waterways was a significant problem. The loss of the steamer Martha Washington is one of the most extraordinary events in the records of marine disasters, a cloud of mystery hanging over the whole subject, which will probably never be cleared away. This steamer was on her way from Cincinnati to New Orleans, when she took fire on the Mississippi River at about half past one o’clock on the morning of January 14, 1852. The boat was entirely consumed. Several passengers lost their lives, but all the officers and crew, except the carpenter, were saved. The work of destruction was completed within three minutes.

This book is the story of Sidney Burton, an Ohio City businessman who fell prey to a group of criminals. These scoundrels hatched a plot to defraud several insurance companies by taking out policies on a substantial list of cargo, the majority of which did not, in fact, exist. Sidney Burton spent the last three years of his life and every penny he had ever earned pursuing the criminals to bring them to justice. The story gripped the entire nation with newspapers covering the story in incredible depth spanning the years 1852 to 1856.

The Martha Washington Case Book

Ripped from the Headlines

The eighteen stories included in this book have certain things in common. First the primary person(s) in each story is buried at Monroe Street Cemetery, Cleveland's oldest, west side public cemetery. Second, these stories were all recorded in local newspapers and some of them in national newspapers also. Third, each story deals with the death of one or more people. These stories represent a common problem of cemeteries. We see a headstone, we see a name, we see dates, but we don't see the story.

Ripped from the Headlines Book

For you history buffs or if you just want to know more about Monroe Street Cemetery and persons at rest there, we have assembled a collection of fifty brief biographies and a lot of other interesting stuff about Ohio City, the cemetery, Cleveland and life in the Victorian Era.

Cemetery History

Cemetery History Book

The biographies are stories taken directly from the book. A black and white edition is available for $25.00. Please add $5.00 to your order for S&H.

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Tees are available in M, L, XL and 2XL. Cost is $20.00 + $2.50 S&H each.

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Framed Photographs

Dress up that blank spot on your wall

Color photographs of Monroe Street Cemetery are available. These are 5″ x 7″ photos, matted and framed. Select from those shown below. Cost is $20.00 + $2.50 S&H each.

The G.A.R. Monument erected in 1872 and surrounded by the graves of 22 Civil War soldiers.
Late one summer afternoon.
The iron gate at the cemetery entrance archway.