Headstone Research/Photos

If you would like a photograph of a headstone at Monroe Street Cemetery email us at Please provide the full name of the person you are interested in and their Section and Lot Number if you have it. In Maps & Records you will find a link to the Cleveland Cemeteries Index where you may be able to find the Section and Lot Number. (Information on burials before 1860 is not available.) Headstone photographs are emailed to the requester and we do not charge for this service. We do, however, ask you to consider making a donation to our Foundation or becoming a member. Please allow 2-4 weeks for receipt of the photograph.

The Foundation can provide limited genealogical research services in addition to headstone photographs. On-line and local sources can be researched and the information provided to you. We charge $25.00 per hour for research services plus any costs associated with the research such as photocopies or fees. A request for research services should be in writing and mailed to the address shown at the bottom of this page. Provide a telephone number or email address so that we may contact you. Once the research is complete an invoice will be sent to you and when payment is received, research documents will be mailed to you.